Friday, October 28, 2011

The Other Thing About Moving Is....

You get behind on blogging. 
We are semi-settled now into life in Chattanooga. I am still pinching myself over this fact: that I live now live in Chattanooga. Many days it still feels like we are just here for a long visit and that in a week or so, I will have to go back to Alabama. Now, Alabama isn't bad. I'm a big fan, but living in Chattanooga once again surrounded by family and friends was a dream that I had gotten used to believing may never happen for us. So I am still trying to wrap my mind around this dream come true. The other morning, I had taken Hudson to the back bedroom to change his diaper and had left the boys in the living room watching a video only to come back to find that my boys were sitting on my Mom's lap giggling with each other and swapping kisses and hugs. She was there, had stopped by  on her way to work, just to get kisses and hugs from "her boys" as she calls them. And three nights ago, Alder asked me if he could spend the night "just by himself with KeeKee, JoeJoe, and Uncle Jes" and asked me to "call KeeKee to check and see if that would be alright." I did and he went. I can't believe these things are happening and I am oh-so-grateful! Jared is loving his job. Absolutely loving it and looks forward to a bright future there. Now, if we could just sell our 2 houses in Demopolis so we could buy our own house here and get really settled. I am posting the pictures of the before and after of our house we bought and renovated a mere weeks before we moved. I think it turned out pretty darn fantastic. If you are looking to own a house with the zip code of 36732 in wonderful Demop (its a 3 bedroom, 3 bath with a new kitchen), we would love you to buy 502 N.Main or our other house just right next door.
Isn't she pretty?

502 N. Main 
Before and After Shots
*please ignore the dusty, white hardwood floors. the floors were diligently cleaned after we had moved and i am told they sparkle. we just couldn't get it all done before we rolled out of town.*

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